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Peppa has a car race at the playgroup that Freddy Fox rigged.

Transcript Edit

All of the children are at the playgroup.

Peppa: Yay! I'm going to drive today.

Mummy: Are you sure you practiced go cart driving enough?

Peppa: Yes mummy!

Freddy Fox: Hallo Dad.

Mr. Fox: Hallo son. Listen, I know you want you to win that trophy ok?

Freddy Fox: Yes dad.

Mr. Fox: So I'm giving you permission to go and rig Peppa's brakes now. She is the only person faster than you.

Freddy Fox: Ok dad! (goes and rips Peppa's brakes off)

Peppa: I'm ready! The grand prize is-i forgot what the grand prize was.

Gazz(Mademe Gazzele): The grand prize is the first place trophy and a giant Teddy!

Freddy Fox: (to self) That I shall win. He he.

All children get in there go carts.

Gazz: Ready, steady, GO!

All children take off in go carts.

Gazz: (on mic) And here comes Freddy, but Peppa takes the lead and here comes the sharp turn.

Peppa: I better slow down a bit for this turn so I don't crash. (tries brakes) Why aren't the brakes working?!

Freddy Fox: Uh oh. Peppa might get hurt. I never thought of the consequenses of this choice to cheat.

Peppa: It won't stop, and here comes the turn!

Freddy Fox: Peppa!

Peppa: What is is Freddy?!

Peppa's Car Explodes

Peppa's car crashing

Freddy Fox: I rigged your brakes! Now they won't work!

Gazz: (on mic) Did you here that?! Freddy cheated!

Peppa: I'm going to crash!

Freddy: (jumps on Peppa's car, grabs her hand and jumps off the car)

Gazz: (on mic) Freddy is rescueing Peppa! And just in time!

The car crashes as soon as they jump.

Freddy Fox: I'm sorry Peppa.

Peppa: I forgive you.

Gazz: (on mic) The winner is Ms. Peppa Pig. Now let me deal with Freddy.

Freddy Fox: Hallo Mademe Gazzele!

Gazz: Security! Arrest these two foxes for almost killing Peppa!

Security comes and places Freddy Fox and Mr. Fox under arrest.

Freddy Fox: Sorry I asked to cheat, Dad.

Mr. Fox: I'm sorry I even let you cheat.

Peppa: At least I won.

The End