Previosly: Peppa's Race

Plot Edit

Freddy Fox gets revenge on Peppa after he got arrested for almost killing her.

Transcript Edit

It is morning.

Peppa: Good Morning!

George: (yawn) Dinosaur! Grr! (goes to play with Mr. Dinosaur)

Peppa: I'm going to- what's that outside?!

Peppa sees a giant robot shaped like a fox.

Freddy Fox: I want to destroy Peppa!

Peppa: Oh no!

George: Boots!

Peppa: That's right George! We have super human boots in the celler.

Daddy Pig: Here are your boots Peppa and George.

Peppa and George put on the boots and get powers.

Freddy Fox: Jumps out of robot with lazer jet pack.

Peppa: Super Pig away! George, go into the robot! Turn on self destruct and get out of there. If there isn't a self destruct, put this bomb in and get out.

George: Oink!

George goes in and finds there is no self destruct button. He sets the bomb, but the doors close.

George: Trap!

Robot Fox guard: Destroy Pig!

George: DINOSAUR!!!!! (turns into T Rex with George's head) GRRRRRRRRR!!!

Robot Fox guard: Oh snap!

Georgeasaurus: (crushes robots and jumps out through chest epicly)

After Georgeasaurus lands and turn back into George, the bomb explodes.

Freddy Fox: Nooooo! The power signals are connected! (jet pack explodes with robot)

A year later, Freddy Fox came out of the asylum and Peppa forgave him.

      THE END