Peppa: Cuckoo!

George: Say wa?

Mummy Pig: Peppa is playing cuckoo clock's.

George: I wanna play. CUCKOO!

Peppa: AHH! George is loud!

George: (comes over to Daddy Pig) CUCKOO!

Daddy Pig: AHHHHHHHHHHH! (explodes)

George: (jumps out window and runs through town saying cuckoo)

Peppa: Geoge has escaped! AFTER HIM!

Eveyone chases George.

George: Suzy!

Suzy: Hello George!

George: CUCKOO

Suzy: Oh my gosh! (goes to planet of Bonbons)

Suzy: (sarcasticly) Help, oh help.

George: Cuckoo!

Suzy: I mean it now! HELP HELP!

Peppa: (Appears) How did I get here? And this place is getting old.

Littlebat10: (flys over) Ok, I will choose something new.

Everyone is on earth.

Littlebat10: Bye! (flys away)

Peppa: George! No more Cuckooing!

Suzy: Yes, what she said!

George: Very well. I shall now stop saying cuckoo and go play with Mr. Dinosaur. Tally Ho! (walks off)

Daddy Pig: George spoke in full sentences!

The End